1. Guys I think I have shin splints and now I dont know what to do:(

    I just reblogged a post about shin splints, and this is some of what was said:The muscle gets very tight and hard and you will generally have very little or no movement of the ankle. When this happens, you need to stop and let the feeling subside and wait until you can rotate your ankle without any pain or resistance. Do not try to stretch the muscle until it has fully relaxed again.

    I think this is whats happening to my left ankle. It hurts to rotate, and to point the toes upwards (like, standing on your heels), but its no problem to strech the foot (like you would if wou were standing on your tippy toes). I think it is the muscle thats hurting, because if i press on/around the ankle it is a little bit painful. But I havent been running since sunday, and now I just woke up with this pain?! I have been trying to strech and strenghten my legs a lot, maybe thats why…but then is’nt that supposed to PREVENT shin splits??

    I was finally going running today, but now I dont know if I should. Do any of you have any tips? Should I wait until it passes, or just ignore it?